What's New In Halloween Costumes For 2011?

Costume trends for 2011 are looking to feature a lot of 80's throwbacks. Everything from Thundercats to Transformers are popular again from the decade that brought us endless hours of Madonna on the radio and tons of robot filled cartoons. Look for anything 80's to be popular with both kids and adults.

Those Angry Birds are all the rage this year as well as some classic comic book heroes from this past summers blockbusters. Green Lanter, Thor and Captain America each came out with their own movies this past summer, so look for kids wanting to be those characters come Hallowee.

Here's some costume trends we're seeing this year for men women and children

For the kids

Angry Birds costumes and proving to be popular for kids of all ages. Plus they look adorable in them. Also new this year are Green Lantern, Pirats of the Carribean's Jack Sparrow and everybodies favorite musical TV show Glee. Even though the movie sucked Transformers costumes, mainly Optimus Prime and Bumblee, are still cool too.

Women's Costume Ideas

Trends in the costume department for the ladies are Wonder Woman, anything 80's related, Glee and Katy Perry. Don't forget about Snooki. That woman just won't go away and last year proved to be a pretty popular costume.

Costumes for the Guys

Let's face it. Shopping for guys is pretty easy. Anything cool like super heroes, ninjas, pirates will do. I can also see Hugh Hefner being a popular costume idea for guys what with his marriage day breakup with his ex-fiance. Guys if you got a wife or girlfriend maybe the two of you can go as Hef and his runaway bride. That would be kind of cool.

Dead People Costumes

As morbid as it may sound, the recently deceased are usually popular costume choices in the year of their death. So you only have to look at the people who died this year to get a good idea of what might be popular. Look for Osama Bin Laden, Jack Lelane, Elizabeth Taylor and Amy Winehouse costumes to be in high demand. Michael Jackson died 2 years ago but he's always popular.

Pop Culture Costumes

Linsday Lohan, Gaddafi, Charlie Sheen and Rebecca Black costumes, annoying song an all, are sure to be big hits. Lindsay Lohan in particular from her court appearances earlier this year in that white low cut dress are sure to get plenty of attention from the ladies.

Happy dressing up!